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Visualizing Your Customers

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The Art of Prioritizing Your Best Customers

A well-executed Scrum can help your team build products and services that delight the customer, quickly and even while having fun. But how do you know who your customers really are and what they want from your product?

It’s a dilemma faced by product owners everywhere. In a world where most consumer products have millions of independent customers, POs must be careful when basing their assumptions on direct customer interaction. Any single instance of customer feedback is in fact only a representative stand-in for tens of thousands of other customers who might or might not think the same way. How can a team take the chaotic universe of potential customers, and transform it into a structured, prioritized and addressable set of known target customers?

Big consumer goods companies have large teams of dedicated marketers who pour over reams of data to carefully analyze their customers. To do this they use three main tools:
  • Customer Behavior Maps – model how individuals make purchase decisions by comparing an actual product to their "ideal" product. These maps can simplify complex consumer decisions to a few variables.
  • Customer Segmentation – a way to cluster customers by their product preferences. You can then design a successful product to serve those clusters. By sizing these segments you can estimate their potential value and priority.
  • Customer Personas – using archetypes to represent the wants and needs of a particular customer segment. This gives visibility of customer needs to everyone involved in product development and delivery. These "ideal" customers, like one sitting in on a sprint review, make the consumer real for development teams.
Join Scrum Inc.’s Chief Product Owner Alex Brown to learn how to leverage these tools to drive agile product development and populate your product backlog with the features that are best for the overall customer base. This is a recording of the live broadcast on March 26th, 2014.

Length: 1 hour
Who should attend: Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Product Managers
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All of Scrum Inc.'s online courses are eligible for Project Management Institute PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs.