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Distributed Scrum

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Distributed Scrum teams are inherently problematic. Whether it is one team spread across geographies, or separate teams using a single backlog, or even just coordinating deliverables, it just isn’t easy. In fact, our first recommendation is don’t do it, the productivity hit almost always outweighs the cost savings.

Unfortunately, the globalized economy is not aligned with best Scrum practices. We know organizations are going to spread their teams across a variety of locations regardless of what the research says.

The question then becomes: can distributed teams match the performance of co-located teams? The answer is yes, but it’s tricky. Scrum Inc. CEO Jeff Sutherland has helped dozens of companies make distributed Scrum work. In this course he will share the patterns that make those implementations successful. He will share real world examples and decades of research to give you the tools to succeed.

This is a recording of the online course that was broadcast on June 25th 2014.
All of Scrum Inc.'s online courses are eligible for Project Management Institute PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs.