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Scrum: The Future of Work



Album: Scrum: The Future of Work
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On May 6, 2013 Dr. Jeff Sutherland gave the opening keynote at the Scrum Gathering Las Vegas. In his address he discussed the state of Scrum and Agile, and how Scrum is at a tipping point. A moment in history when radical change in how the world views work is taking place.

The first Scrum Team delivered the first Agile product twenty years ago in 1993. Since that time Scrum has become the de facto methodology for successful product development in the software world. In 2013 Scrum is just beginning to expand beyond software to the broader world of work. While Scrum has evolved over the past two decades, the core principles remain the same and those very principles are what make Scrum so powerful and effective today.

In his talk Jeff referenced the Scrum Starter Kit, a collection of patterns (see links to your right) he's developed to help Scrum Teams be successful. Specifically he talked about the Happiness Metric and how a good Scrum Master can use it during the Sprint Retrospective to drive Continuous Improvement.

The slides from Jeff's keynote are at the upper right of this page for anyone to peruse. For a limited time, Scrum Inc. is also making available free of charge a recording of a version of his talk he gave as a webinar earlier this year. Meanwhile there is a link below to our webinar on Scrum: The Future of Work.

The Future Of Work Webinar